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We live in the twenty first century. Women can vote, work, have houses and bank accounts. Women are capable of many feats including achieving political office and titles such as CEO and President of major companies. Women can join the military or choose never to marry. The idea that in our modern society reproductive health care can be denied to women is absurd and the debate stops here.

First, the religious bull shit. Conservative, Christian Identified Republicans, and a few other fundamentalists say that women can be denied access to certain types of health care because of the body parts represented. In short the coverage denied could range from an annual mammogram to an abortion because they disagree with the treatment. Under that guise could you imagine working for a Jehovah’s Witness, or worse, a faith healer? The ideals of one religion are not necessarily the ideals of all its members. Nor are the ideals of an employer the ideals of his employees. Therefore no one type of healthcare can be denied, to anyone, for any reason.

Second, the chauvinist bull shit. Enough with the “women should be seen and not heard,” and the “only someone having a lot of sex would need birth control” talk. All of it. The problem here isn’t that this opinion is wrong, its just that it is unpopular without the lofty morals that the religious flaunt. It is almost as unpopular as the feminist arguments, except the sex is way more boring.

Third, the tax payer money bull shit. I don’t like my tax dollars being spent on war. I don’t like my tax payer money being spent to arrest Americans protesting. I don’t want drug addicts to live off the welfare system, draining resources from American who need it. I don’t like government subsidies for Walmart stores and paying more taxes while the rich pay less. If I can deal with a percentage of my tax payer money going to things I don’t like, you can deal with ensuring every person gets adequate health care.

Debate over.