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We are the 99%, but not Really

This is a very important time in human history. If we really want change, beneficial and long term change then humanity needs to act together and decide now the change it needs and the long term goals of their ideal societies.

The first official statement of the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly calls in to question generalizations of just about every crime the corporate world has committed. But my favorite line in this is not calling out their crimes but rather the acknowledgement “that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members” (If you have not already read it:

Once more for clarity: “The future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members” – All its members.

Two days ago was October 15, 2011, the day of occupation. Around the world  hundreds, thousands, millions of people met in common spaces to protest corporate greed, the dividing and widening of the classes, they came to protest that the bankers have taken everything and left the people with nothing but their voices. They have made a system to fail and they pay our politician to promote their own agendas.

But in these developed countries primary complaint stems from fundamental rights not being met, the right to get an education, to have a job that pays the bills with money to spend on ridiculous shit. People are mad as hell that they are in debt because they living, they can barely pay their bills yet alone someday retire…

Wait. These people are, in a way, still the 1% in the world. This whole world is set up so that we can drive our Lexis or Mercedes, so that we can have your triple mocha latte in the morning, watch TV tonight, and buy those new shoes, purse, scarf, whatever.

What about the people whose water has been diminished for the sake of our Coke-a-Cola? Or the people who were happy and thriving who are now starving on their own land because they are growing cash crops for the developed world? The countless developing countries that are suffering in pollution because its cheaper to develop their countries with coal and oil rather than develop cleaner technologies? People who live in landfills because we have exported all our trash to them. Poor souls forced to work in sweat shops, under paid, under nourished and unable to rise out of that poverty! – All because we don’t want to do it, not in our back yard.

And your children! Your children do NOT need jobs, they don’t need more things to try and satisfy the empty feeling that comes with existing in an expendable in a society. The children of this planet need a safe place to live. A place where the water is fresh and clean, where food is un-poisoned and grown in the community, where there isn’t such thing as a garbage bin, where our products and our excess is reused and recycled. They need a world free of oil spills and excessive green house gasses. Fields to play in without cutting their feet on broken glass or losing limbs to land mines.

Most importantly, they do not need to inherit our greed, our wars, our hate, our consumption, our persistent dissatisfaction.

The children need a world where education is valued and free to all. A society that has a goal for something better, not just the illusion of better. A place in which you can go to one town and see a rich culture and well balanced economy then travel to another place and see something new, instead of McDonald’s and Subway at every pit stop. A world in which human life is valued as more than just a dollar.

The things we should value is human health, education, spirituality – and find peace and tolerance for everyone within that – hard work, community, honoring the elderly, preparing the youth, LOVE, honesty, protecting and providing for the weak, sharing. And we should create a society in which these values are promoted and honored and exercised regularly.

Please my brothers and sisters, remember when you chant that we are the 99%, you and your neighbors are only a part. There are many who have less and whose only crime was being born in the wrong part of the world. When you protest to end corporate personhood, demand that money be removed from the political system and cry for accountability on the bankers and corporations, don’t just settle at your own comfort. Call for change around the planet that will enrich the lives of every soul.