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It’s Rude to Talk About Religion…

In the movie “Big Fish” the father, who will talk about absolutely anything, sits down for dinner and tells his daughter in law that religion is the one thing he won’t speak on. “It’s rude to talk about religion, you never know who you are going to offend.”

But I am an offensive person by nature and I have been offended recently about the religious atmosphere of the world. The atmosphere that surrounds politics and war, and the religious atmosphere that surrounds my interactions with people daily. While I would normally like to get into why organized religion has been sullying the political atmosphere and promoting ignorance among other atrocities (see war on women, abortion, same sex marriage, international prayer day, ect.) it is rather unnecessary as the evidence is clear. Instead I want to talk about Atheism.

Not the Atheism that leaves people to their beliefs, nor the Atheism that contributes to dialog regarding respecting religion while maintaining a government that benefits everyone, nor the Atheist that likes a good debate.  The Atheism I am talking about it the super militant Atheism that berrates and belittles any person of faith regardless if they follow an organized religion or have a personal faith.

These people, these militant Atheists, usually grew up in a Christian household and were often told they were going to hell for whatever reason, usually by a parent or a grandparent. Sometimes they were bullied for being different by the Christian sames. But no matter their motivations for becoming Atheists, these people are completely intollerant and do nothing to promote a realistic separation of church and state. In fact they do nothing to promote anything good.

You will find these Atheists on various community boards on Facebook, Tumblr, Atheist websites or where ever else they can talk about religion. They completely belittle people of faith, mock modern religion and every offensive thing that could be said is employed with no respect to anyone except fellow militant Atheists. Their talks about religion are full of disdain, often calling anyone who believes in a god idiots, delusional, hypocrites, foolish, sheeple ect. Brandishing the arguments of Christopher Hitchens as their own they focus on the negative aspects of everything to do with religion. They claim that they are trying to liberate the world of the mass delusion of religion but they only thing they do is create tension and division on what could otherwise be a rational discussion board.

Oh and the arguments. No better than the arguments of a fundamentalist of any other religion. Believing their “logic” to be superior, they are no more than another religious zealot on a community board. Talking to these militant internet Atheists is just as annoying as talking to a militant internet Christian or Muslim trying to “convert souls.” Anyone who is perhaps politically aligned with the ideas of separation of church and state that also believes in a higher power is lumped in with the Westboro Baptist Church.

To these people I say, just as I would say to a bible tumper, it is rude to talk about religion. Especially in the way you go about it. Do you really expect a religious person to even listen to what you have to say when you call their god a “fictional character” and attack their character as delusional. Leave the religious discussions to the real Atheists and Spiritualists who can have proper discussions with respect to all participants rather than anecdotes and religious slurs.

I should confess now that I do believe in a higher power. I do not attend a church, I do not vote based on a politician’s faith or his political stances that align with a certain religion’s current fad. I do not attempt to convert others to what I believe, mostly because my opinion on the matter changes frequently and I despise hypocrisy (yet I can be a hypocrite at times.) I don’t go out on the street and talk about god, nor are my acts of compassion for my fellow man based on the fear of punishment or hopes of reward. I don’t force my morals on anyone and vehemently defend the right of every person to say and do as he chooses so long as it does not overly interfere with the lives or health of others.

As a human being, this should be the standard, not the exception. I definitely believe that organized religions have been a massive malevolent force in the world for the written history of man. That much is pretty much undeniable. But when you berate the followers or believers of gods, you are not helping, you are hurting.There is an old saying, you will catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. So please, militant Atheists, the ones who fill internet chat rooms with rage and disrespect, consider this: you are a human being no better than any other on the planet, you are spreading hate in a manner no different than the modern hating religious person and you are a bore to the humans, Atheist or Spiritual, who are trying to make a real, measurable, beneficial change in the world.