We are in a time of great change. Every corner of the world has been explored, colonized and exploited. Now, humans around the world are calling for a change, some are mad over economic oppression, others are just struggling to survive and find food, water, and refuge from war.

In our own country we are protesting the corporate greed in our Occupy Wall Street movements. Each protestor brings his own voice, and each voice has her own skills to help bring about change. One by one our voices will grow and become louder. Eventually we will all be on the street demanding change.

But when the protesting is done, once we have been arrested and tear gassed, beaten and hospitalized or even killed, what do you want this country to look like? When the protesting is done and when some people have led, some have fled and most have given up and submitted, where will you be? What will you contribute to a broken world.

What do you want your world to look like? How do you want to be remembered? What is the end result of this revolution? What is this time of change going to change?

I am a pessimist that knows the power of collective work, positive thought, peaceful protest. I have hope for the future but I’ve lost faith in humanity. I started this blog to change my own thinking, and that of my peers from pessimistic to optimistic to actions that will better the world. Please, debate my thoughts, propose your own, teach me and others. And do so respectfully. Proper dialog is meant to spread understanding, even if the other party is not convinced.


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