Not Sure What to Call This

Apathy is our greatest enemy as humans. Here in America it has been bred into our society. It has taken over a century to create a population that consumes as much as we do without a second thought of how our blessings came to be. Do not let apathy over take your hearts. And do not let your souls be corrupted with a sense of superiority, because when the pendulum swings back the world will have no empathy for us.

To all humans, defend yourselves but do not make war. Take what you need to survive and leave the rest for those who come after you. Share your resources with your fellow man, but do not allow business to steal from you what belongs to all men. And always stand together when under attack.

Soldiers, do not allow your orders to override your moral judgment and good conscious. Protect all women and children who cross your path. All women and children regardless of race, country or heritage. One day, somewhere, a soldier will meet your family too.

Pray for your enemies, that they be healthy and well. Pray for peace and understanding, and that love fill your heart.

Do not trust the words of men of power. A man who promises peace through war is selling you lies. Fear will do more harm to your heart than an evil man will do to your body.


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