Good Luck With That: Battling Corporate Corruption and American Apathy

I’ve had a break with the world.

It is no secret, despite the best efforts of countless corporate and governmental think tanks, that the world, our food, our water, our air, politics and religion are corrupted at their core. It is no secret that the people of planet Earth have been lied to and forced into slavery under the guise of freedom. It is no secret that globalization is destroying the world.

In short, our water is being poisoned, taken from us, purified and sold back to us for a nominal fee. Our food is toxic and the leading cause of illness in the developed world, while starvation and simple diseases kill the developing world. The air is polluted. Children are brainwashed rather than educated. Money talks for the people that control us and eludes the common man. Political and economic systems globally are in persistent peril. Protests and awareness of these issues is at an all time high.

Yet we the people are helpless to stop it. During a recent discussion with a friend I mentioned that if the people of the world could somehow take back the water from the companies that stole it, forced them to make it pure again (or as pure as possible) that we, as a people, could slowly take back control from the governments and corporations that would dictate to us. Her response was, “Good luck with that.”

And that is where I broke. The corruption is so deep and so overwhelming that in order to live life, people must reach a point of apathy. Take for instance the Occupy Wall Street movement. In the beginning people were talking about the issues. People brought their dissent to the streets and banded together to share what they knew and what made them passionate. It was the talk at every social gathering – what is wrong and what needs to be done to change it.

During this time I asked the question, what do you want the future to look like? To this I received many answers. Free education, more jobs, less debt, better food, cleaner water, new technology, politics free from commercial and corporate input, socialism.

Those answers, while valid, make me sad. Not because I don’t think that all children should be educated with all the knowledge that they could ever desire, or because I don’t think that water should be pure, but because none of those answers addressed what is wrong. And what is wrong is that the vision of our culture is corrupt.

Take for a moment and step back. Say one day you develop a runny nose, and you dismiss it as allergies. Then the next night you get a soar throat. Probably the allergies again, the pollen must be worse this season. The next night you get a cough and again you dismiss it as allergies. But then your body starts to feel weak and you start running a fever. It feels like there are heating pads behind your eyes. Then you conclude that you must have a cold.

That conclusion came from a list of symptoms. The earlier symptoms could be explained away with a simple “it’s just” but the fever and weakness… not so easily dismissed. Imagine going to the doctor to have him conclude that these symptoms are individual and unrelated. You know better and you would be upset that he told you otherwise.

Yet when you try to conclude from the list of cultural symptoms that there is something wrong with the way we live, with our vision of the world, you might as well roll around in the mud, drink a few pints of peppermint schnapps, maybe smoke some crack and then try again. You’ll probably get more people listening if they think you’re a hobo rather than a sane, productive member of society.

And that is about where you stand with the people who were so ready to talk about social change just four months ago. The lively topic of the parties, Occupy, what can we the people do to change things, has been re-reduced to “Good luck with that.” Why shouldn’t it be that way? Just three days ago, a well formulated, legitimate battle between 80 something farmers and seed growers lost their chance to be protected from super agriculture bully Monsanto on the grounds that they have “overstated” the real potential threat of lawsuit. (full argument for the plaintiffs here )

So many people are aware of the issues yet example such as Organic Seed Growers…. v Monsanto are daily occurances. They expose the corruption but make it more and more impossible to do anything. Remember the video at the beginning of Occupy that showed the bigwigs of Wall Street celebrating and mocking the protests just one floor below with champagne? We are helpless to make a difference.

We are helpless because the changes we want to make still promote the system. Socialism is not going to save our species from self annihilation on multiple fronts. Why? Because our vision is corrupt.

The vision that I mean is the vision employed by nearly every single person on the planet. It is the idea that I am right, I am living the way every human should live. If you don’t live my way, not only are you wrong, you are invalidating the way that I live and therefore conform or die. This vision has been around since about 10,000 BCE, In China, Japan, India, Middle East, Europe, Mediterranean. This vision is what caused the Greeks to expand their influence, the Romans, the Crusades, and it fuels our modern wars and petty social dramas.

I have broken with the world. I know what is wrong and I know that in the current system with the current vision there is no reform that will change the outcome. Pouring more money into education is not going to change anything. Growing organic food isn’t going to stop the decimation that agriculture has on the planet. Protest is not going to change the corrupt government.

This is what brings tears to my eyes. The number of times I have tried to write this and relate this to others. As it stands my opinion will be debated from the side wearing blinders, the side resisting the most crucial change. The answer to how do we make the world a better place is experimentation and letting go of the old vision and the final realization that there is not ONE way for people to live, but hundreds and thousands of ways, maybe even millions.

If we as a society would let go of the social memes that envelope the whole world and begin to consider those around us. What works for you and your community does not necessarily work for others. Even now, the groups bringing light to the issues and asking people to take action on those issues are still promoting the old vision.

New vision is needed, and I’ll tell you the secret, its not socialism, its not anything we have ever known before. And it requires your mind to make it happen.


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